St. John's Church Lacey Green

Link with St Mary's, Kuruman, South Africa

Following a visit in 2018 to Kuruman, in the Diocese of Kimberley and Kuruman, we established a parish link between our church and St Mary’s, Kuruman.

In addition, we have developed a link between the primary schools in our respective parishes. This provides the opportunity for the mutual exchange of ideas and good practice between the management teams and enables the pupils to learn about different cultures.

In furtherance of our link, we have been pleased to welcome the Bishop of Kimberley and Kuruman, Bishop Brian, and his predecessor Bishop Ossie, to visit and worship with us and also to attend our link parish school.

To enhance our wider African link, we have also hosted in 2022 Bishop Charles from the Diocese of Mosena South in Kenya who participated in a prayer workshop with pupils from the Worship Group at our link school.

During Covid, we held joint services online and we continue to develop our links for mutual support, prayer and encouragement recognising that, despite the distance between us, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.

Our regular services are:

First and Third Sundays – 8.00am Holy Communion (BCP)

Each Sunday – 10.00am Parish Communion with Hymns (All Age on First Sunday)

Each Tuesday – 9.30am Holy Communion (CW)

Do please see our weekly Pew Sheet for additional Services as well as special Events and Activities.